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What you need to know about getting a New Furnace Installed

Do you need a NEW furnace?

Although Douglasville isn't known to be cold, it can get chilly without a properly running furnace.

Have Assured Comfort check your furnace out before the cold late nights arrive and your furnace won't work right.

By having a precautionary check-up, it will ensure your furnace is working correctly before you actually need to use it.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of needing a new furnace, we at Assured Comfort will install a new furnace.  

If your building a new home and you need a new furnace installed, we can help with that too!

Buying and Installing a new furnace doesn't have to be hard.

Let us ease your mind and make the process of getting a new furnace easy. 

Contact us to schedule your free heating installation estimate today!

What to Expect from Us:

1. Assessment: We offer free home estimates on all new heating system installations. Our technicians are always clean, professional, quick and dedicated to the customer.

Our HVAC technicians will evaluate your home and determine which furnace style, size, and model best fits your needs including the level of energy efficient system you want your home to be. 

2. Product: Assured Comfort is a proud Lennox Provider.

We believe that Lennox offers the most energy efficient and top of the line products on the market, but still, offer a wide range of furnaces.  

For your comfort, we provide pre-programmable thermostats to handheld device-operated systems giving you options that suit you best. 

We’ll also walk you through energy efficiency ratings and their significance so you can save money without giving up comfort.

3. Financing:  We will provide an exact quote of how much the job will cost before we begin working.

All estimates are obligation-free, leaving you with purchasing freedom.

If you choose to work with us at Assured Comfort, we provide our own financing that allows you to pay as you go.

This is a great option that allows you to save on your heating bills with your new energy efficient unit and use the money you are saving toward paying off your new furnace.  

You can also check out promotions and see if one fits your needs!

4. Installation: When Assured Comfort comes to your home to install a furnace we want you to feel comfortable.

Our technicians are NATE certified, so they are well educated and in the know of the latest and greatest in our industry. 

Our team members will arrive in an Assured Comfort Truck wearing a uniform and ID badge.

You will be emailed a photo of the technician before your appointment.

We will also call you before our experts arrive. Leaving you not to worry free!

They will treat your home as if it's their own by wearing shoe covers and cleaning everything up at the end of the job.  

5. Knowledge: Our education becomes your knowledge.

After your furnace is installed correctly, our team member will go through the operating system with you. 

Leaving you with an understanding of how to efficiently run your furnace to fit your home's needs. 

6. Up Keep: Furnaces are such a large purchase it's hard to think about their lifespan coming to an end, so you need to be proactive to ensure you get the most for your money. 

To prevent a short lifespan of your furnace, it's recommended to get an annual tune-up. 

It is BEST to have your tune up at the end of summer or early fall to make sure everything is working properly before you have to kick it back on.

If repairs are needed,  Assured Comfort has highly qualified technicians to fix your furnace, so it works to its full potential.  

Some repairs may even be covered under your manufacturer warranty.

Join the Our Comfort Club to ensure your furnaces care!

Furnace Brand Options

We at Assured Comfort recommend Lennox furnaces, but still, offer a wide variety brand that you may want to consider before decided what furnace you want to purchase.

A brief overview of top brands are:

Each brand has many different makes and models which makes it tough to compare brands until you know what type and size your home needs.

After knowing the type and size your home need you can dig into the different brands and what they have to offer. 


Lennox is a top brand that many know because they have been around since 1895 when David Lennox invented the first riveted-steel furnace. Quality, Innovation, and Trust were important to him and remains as the companies focus when making today's current products. 

Their SLP98V Furnace is the quietest high-efficiency furnace you can get!


Goodman is a brand that has earned the respect of many for their high-quality, affordable products that are engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.!

As a company, they have been around since 1982 providing millions with comfortable home air temperature and air quality. 

Top Furnace they have to offer is GMVC96. It has up to a 96% annual fuel use efficiency!


The Payne brand not only saves money at the time of purchase but is a reliable product all season long. This company has been around since 1914. 

Most recommended furnace is 2-Stage Variable- Speed Gas Furnace 96 PG96VAT!


Coleman is an established company since 1900 for their outdoor products. The HVAC systems are made and tested to ensure great quality for every model. 

A recommended model for its energy efficiency is the Echelon Series Gas Furnace!


Bryant has been around since 1904 and is dedicated to customer comfort and satisfaction.

They provide great options to help you control your air quality and temperature with their products. 

The Evolution Series Gas Furnace is recommended because of its quiet, smooth functioning system that includes multiple speed airflow.

Average Cost for a New Furnace

For starters, you can't just look at the furnace cost.

You have to look at the type of furnace, installation parameters, and what is needed for the furnace to run efficiently. 

A furnace is a big chunk of money that will be tailored to your homes' needs.

So with that said, let's look into some of the questions that need to be answered...

Cost Factors

Do you need to switch from oil to gas or electric to gas?

If so there are added fees for the extra products.

To switch from oil to natural gas, you need to consider the materials needed such as pipelines.

Running pipelines to your house can get costly depending on how far the closest gas line is, but it will save you in the long run on your monthly bill.

The old oil system will also need to be removed. 

An HVAC technician will have to see if there are any other costume changes needed for your property.

Switching from electric to natural gas is different based on your current system.

Your home may have electric radiators or baseboard heaters. It might even have a forced air system already set up.

For a radiator or baseboard heat system to be switched to natural gas ductwork will need to be installed. 

Depending on the house ductwork may not even be an option. This would rule out the transition. 

If your house has a forced air system then the ductwork is already there. This would save time and money!

What size home do you have? 

Your houses age, layout, and size will make up a big part of which type, size, and the model furnace would be best for you.

You might want to look at your heat load calculations by having a Manual J test done.

There are even apps that allow you to do it yourself.  

Manual J Test  looks at: 

  • What type of foundation your home has
  • The type and color of your roof 
  • How well insulated your house is
  • How many windows you have
  • The location of your windows
  • The type of windows (energy efficient or not)
  • How many exterior doors your home has
  • Where your exterior doors are located 
  • What temperature you want your house to maintain
  • Where your house is located
  • How big or small your house is 
  • The direction your house faces
  • What materials where you use to build your home
  • How much shade or sun hits you house during each season 

What will installation fees be?

 Here is a simple rule of thumb. The more expensive the unit, the more expensive the installation.

The installation process doesn't just include hooking up the unit it.

Installation includes connecting the unit, checking that everything runs correctly and that the homeowner is stratified and educated on their new furnace.

Take into consideration the type of thermostat you want.

Higher end thermostats have more features that will need to be gone over to ensure your home functions as smooth and energy efficient as possible. 

If you have a zoning system installed it requires more thermostats and time to educate the homeowners on how to use it. 

The total number of hours the job takes the more expensive it will be. 

How long will my furnace last and what are the maintenance costs?

Most homeowners don't even think about the ongoing upkeep of their furnace or the expenses of parts if there needs to be a repair in the future. 

Different systems have different costs, so do their pieces and parts.

It's much like a car.

Even if you can afford the fancier brand, it sometimes makes it too hard to keep up with its costly repairs and maintenance. 

If you have the wrong size furnace, it will usually break down sooner.

With the proper system and annual tune-ups, a furnace should last 15-20 years. 


The national average cost of furnace replacement is $4,193, with most homeowners spending between $2,510 and $6,056.

*This data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeAdvisor members.

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