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Make sure you have your home in Furnace and Heating system maintenance this fall before the winter months cause your family discomfort.

A furnace or heating tune-up is separate from a heating repair in that it helps maintain your system for improved durability and reliability. 

What is the goal of a Heating Tune-Up?

The goal of a tune-up is to keep your system as close to like-new condition as possible, which helps prevent breakdowns, extending the lifespan of your unit, and provides cleaner indoor air while using less energy to minimize your utility costs.


What We Look For During Heating Maintenance Tune-Ups

Seasonal Furnace Maintenance Service in Douglasville, Georgia | 30122Furnace Maintenance Tune-ups are so important because it helps to increase the lifespan of your unit and keep your energy bills down.

Much like taking your car to the shop every few months, we perform system checks on your furnace to keep it running efficiently all year long.

Not having regular tune-ups can lead to costly repairs down the road, or even a require a new furnace replacement.

When a certified furnace maintenance technician visits your home, besides going through our 29 point furnace maintenance checklist, they will also inspect:

Clogged Drain Lines

Clogged Drain lines are a result of the build-up of dirt and other organic materials in your home’s drain lines.

Clogs can lead to severe HVAC damage because they cause water to back up and ultimately overflow the drain pan. In addition, clogged drain lines can result in mold and mildew growth, which left untreated, can contaminate your air and cause sickness.

Dirty Air Filters

To achieve a high-quality HVAC performance and airflow, air filters should be replaced regularly. Assured Comfort recommends changing your Air filters every 3 months.

When your Air Filters get dirty, it can cause your HVAC system to use more energy when pulling air through the filter, resulting in more expensive energy bills, poor HVAC performance, and dirty indoor air. An extremely dirty filter can potentially cause your entire heating system to actually freeze and shut down completely.

Refrigerant Leaks 

Heating Maintenance in Douglasville, GeorgiaAn HVAC system should not leak refrigerant. If you’re experiencing refrigerant leaks, this is a problem that requires an immediate repair to the system, rather than simply replacing the refrigerant. 

If you’re noticing higher utility bills, or your system is taking a long time to reach desired temperatures, your system may be leaking refrigerant or the levels may be too low. In either case, please call Assured Comfort so we can make the necessary repairs.

This is something we always check out during routine maintenance visits. Keep in mind Refrigerant R22 is in the phase-out process because it causes negative environmental factors.

Refrigerant leaks are not normal and according to the EPA are bad for the environment. Refrigerant levels are always checked during routine maintenance. We can check to see if your system currently uses R-22, which we can replace with a safer, approved refrigerant. Handling freon can be dangerous, and should only be performed by a professional HVAC technician.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Failure to have your condenser coils cleaned can negatively impact your HVAC system’s performance. In fact, dirty coils can reduce your system’s efficiency by nearly 40%, which can shorten the lifespan of your unit.

Blown Fuses

Sometimes a blown fuse is a result of a breaker issue. However, fuses that blow frequently could indicate more severe problems with your HVAC.

Electrical Problems

Electrical Components and Wiring of your HVAC should be checked regularly by a certified technician to prevent system malfunction and even entire system outages.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Low refrigerant levels can cause the evaporator coil to freeze, resulting in restricted airflow. An HVAC technician will inspect your evaporator coil during a routine maintenance to make sure it isn’t frozen or in a position to freeze over.


Need Furnace Maintenance in Douglasville, GaThermostats regulate the temperature of the air home. Sometimes, they can malfunction or break and require a replacement.

Contact Assured Comfort if you think your thermostat needs to be replaced, or you are ready for an upgrade.

Did you know that keeping a consistent temperature in your home can also keep your furnace running smoothly throughout the winter months?

Constantly shutting the system off and on is worse than keeping your thermostat set on the “heat” setting during winter and leaving it at the optimal temperatures when you’re away and when you return to your home, which is usually between 68 and 72 degrees. 

The thermostat can be set to between 62 and 58 degrees (or even a little lower) when you are away at work or school, or at night when everyone is sleeping underneath their blankets in bed.

Following this temperature settings guideline will help to increase the efficiency of your furnace while keeping your family comfortable.

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