How does an air duct cleaning work

You probably have heard you should get your air ducts cleaned so that your family can breathe cleaner air and your HVAC can work more efficiently. But you might not know what an air duct cleaning means or what we do once we get to your house. Well, we're glad you asked.

1. The first thing the technician will do is to check your ducts. We have to know what's in there and how best to get it out. This also allows us to find any cracks or leaks. So, we may need to drill some holes in your ductwork and use a special camera. But don't worry; we will fix everything up before we leave.

2. Our trained cleaners then get to work with special, powerful vacuums that can remove all the loose dust, dirt and debris. We may also use a handheld vacuum for some situations.

3. Brushes are then inserted into the ducts through the vents and intakes to knock free hard to get particles. Again, don't worry, our cleaners know what they're doing and can patch up anything knocked off by the scrubbing.

4. Another vacuum session then sucks up the extra debris so we can get everything out of the pipes.

5. Then, we go to the source. We clean your heating and cooling units to make sure nothing more will be sent into your ducts.

6. Then, we seal everything back up. We clean and replace your vent covers. We make sure you're happy with the service and then we leave, so you and your family can get back to life.

That's the basics. We may need also to get into the crawl space or attic to get to tricky pipes and vents. Only in extreme cases will we need to replace ductwork, insulation or other parts of your HVAC system.

So, if your air seems stuffy or you feel you need a cleaning, just give us a call.

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