Love vs. hate your HVAC

Comfort is a big part of a home. There's nothing like the feeling of walking in from the cold into a warm, cozy house. That is if your home is warm and cozy. The difference in loving or hating your home often comes down to the loving care you give your furnace.

A tune-up of your furnace can help your home stay snug and stress-free. Our technicians can often detect something is wrong before you feel it. When a system has a minor problem like a low coolant level, it will need to work harder. That strain wears down the components faster. This leads to costly repairs or premature breakdown. Studies show that a complete system is 70% more likely to need repairs when the air conditioner and/or furnace has not been properly maintained. So, a tune-up helps your wallet out in the long run and can give you peace of mind.

With a Tune-Up

Without a Tune-Up

You'll have a more consistent temperature in the house

By keeping your components and filter clean, you'll breathe easier and cleaner

Cleaner air also prevents dust from accumulating on your furniture, shelves and carpet

Studies show that a well-maintained HVAC system can lower your energy bills by 30%

Regular tune-ups can add 5 years to the life of your HVAC units

Small problems can affect your air flow, temperature and comfort

Clogged filters can cause more particulate in your air and your lungs

If you've ever noticed your carpets getting darker around the vents, that is due to a dirty HVAC system and dusty ducts. Good luck getting that clean

When your AC and furnace have to work harder to maintain the temperature, you pay through higher bills

If there's a problem, you won't know it until it's too late

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