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Cleaning Hair Out of a Drain

We've all been there. Your drain is stopped up with enough hair to slow it down or stop it totally. To get your drain flowing again properly, something needs to be put down there to either break...

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The Cast Iron Pipe Problem image

The Cast Iron Pipe Problem

If you live in a home that was built before 1975, chances are your plumbing system consists of cast iron pipes. Cast iron pipes can corrode over time compromising their structural integrity. It is estimated that about 76 million homes in America have cast iron pipes that must be replaced. These 76 million homes risk severe plumbing problems.

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Low Payment Options image

Low Payment Options

Coming up with the money for big purchases can be challenging. Even if you have the money, you might want to use it for something other than a new air conditioner or a sewer pipe. That’s why Assured Comfort offers low financing options.

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Sump pump maintenance image

Sump pump maintenance

A lot of sump pump problems can be prevented by performing a small amount of maintenance yourself. Here is a short list of items you can check to keep from incurring expensive repairs.

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep many counties and cities at home, there is a lot of home plumbing being used on a daily basis. Now, what was once a plumbing inconvenience like a clogged toilet, is viewed as a larger plumbing problem because during “shelter in place” homeowners need everything to function properly. How else are you going to wash your hands?

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Trenchless Sewer Repair

Sewer line repairs can be hassle-free with trenchless repairs. Don't worry about expensive digging costs for a simple sewer line repair. At Assured Comfort, we specialize in offering our clients the option of a trenchless sewer repair. Your trusted plumber can let you know if a trenchless repair would be more beneficial for your home.

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