It was a dark and stormy night. We received an emergency call as the wind howled outside. On the other line we heard a blood-curdling scream as the customer told us about her greatest fear… it wasn't human… it wasn't animal… it was plumbing. Here are a few of our craziest plumbing horror stories. Beware…


We got an emergency call around 2 a.m. from an apartment owner that had a faucet break. That then led to water flooding the bathroom. That then led to water flooding the kitchen, Which led to water flooding the basement. When we arrived, we found the tenant holding his hand over the water pipe of the wall mounted sink faucet, directing the flow into the sink. He had been doing that for about 2 hours to stop the flow!


We once had a customer with a toilet stoppage. When we looked into the pipes to find the source, we ended up pulling out upper and lower dentures from the toilet! The customer exclaimed, 'Oh that's where they went!' Turns out that he had a little too much to drink the night before, and he had gotten sick.


There was once a house in a very wooded area. They claimed they had a toilet clog, but when we came in we realized there was something much more at work. We ended up clearing the pipes from the roof. To our surprise, we pulled out the carcass of a dead raccoon from the drain through a 4-inch plumbing stack.

The moral of these stories is to be careful of what goes into your pipes. We've pulled out of drains tree roots, eye glasses, baggies of illicit substances (not the owners'), toy trains, and much more. If you do have a slow drain, give us a call and hopefully we can clear it before it becomes much worse.

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