Jerry Hall: A Community Leader

Assured Comfort Heating, Air, Plumbing proudly serves homeowners and businesses in the Atlanta metropolitan area with top-quality heating, cooling and air purification solutions.

With three office locations in the and Douglas and Cobb counties and over 40 employees, Assured Comfort has come far since owner Jerry Hall founded the company in 2002.



Jerry attributes his success not only to his company’s quality work, but even more importantly, to having a service mindset. “Service is my passion,” he says. “I am committed to providing homeowners and businesses with the highest level of service possible.

I want every project we do to reflect the same attention to detail and quality I want in my own home.”

Life Before Assured Comfort

It’s worth noting that Assured Comfort isn’t the only HVAC business Jerry has founded. He started his first heating and air conditioning business in the early 1980s, when he was quite young.

Jerry had just been honorably discharged from the U.S. Army (82nd Airborne Division), after serving there for three years. He found work at a plastic molding company, and that’s what actually piqued his interest in the HVAC field.

“It was about 145 degrees in the building and everyone hung out in the one room that was air conditioned,” Jerry recalls.

Recognizing the value of air conditioning and how it improved the lives of those he worked with, Jerry made the decision to start his own air conditioning company.

His business did so well that Jerry was able to sell it in 1997 so he could stay at home with his two preschool-aged children.

“As much as I enjoy running a business, to be there for the first couple years of my children’s lives was the ultimate gift I could have received”.  

A few years later, Jerry decided it was time to start Assured Comfort.

Service Doesn’t Stop with a Good Work Ethic

Today, Jerry is an accomplished businessman, who knows the HVAC industry well. “Still,” he quickly adds, “I don’t see myself as just an HVAC professional or the owner of heating, air conditioning and plumbing company.

What I truly enjoy most is making a difference in other people’s lives. I am here to not just have a successful business, but to serve our customers and in a broader sense, serve the community.”

His passion for service is something he’s instilled in his employees as well. He hires staff members who he believes not only have the necessary professional skills, but also who are interested in helping others in general.

Jerry regularly supports a variety of nonprofit organizations and community causes, and he encourages his employees to get involved with these charitable endeavors.

Assured Comfort’s community service includes support to nonprofit organizations like The United Way and The Red Cross; children’s support organizations such as Fostering Faith, Kate’s Club and Safe Path Children’s Advocacy Center; school districts; and military support organizations like the local Veteran’s Administration and Soldier’s Angels.

The company’s support includes not only financial donations and the purchase of goods needed by these charities, but also volunteering time.

Jerry and his employees have donated their time through everything from working at the Douglas County Public Education Trust’s annual “Fun Run,” to having work parties to stuff Christmas stockings to ship to deployed servicemen.

Jerry credits much of his focus on community service, especially to the military, to the years he was enlisted in the U.S. Army. “It taught me how to respect and appreciate others, and do everything in my power to help those who need support,” he says.

“Today, my passion is still the same. I’m here to serve others, whether that’s on-the-job or after-hours helping people in the community.”

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