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According to the Department of Consumer 

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Atlanta

Affairs, 1 out of every 6 people who suffer from allergies do so as a direct result of fungi or bacteria in their air duct systems.

Air duct cleaning involves thoroughly cleaning all vents, ducts and supply grills in your home.

Typical air conditioning systems and heat pumps involve air ducts running throughout the home with at least one vent for each room. For instance, a typical four bedroom home will most likely have 10 to 12 vents.

During an air duct cleaning, Assured Comfort’s team will remove each vent and use an industry specific vacuum to remove accumulated dirt, dust and grime, much like a chimney sweeper does.

This reduces bacteria and allergens like dust, mold and pet dander from your air vents. For the homeowner, this means having to dust less often, fewer allergy problems, and better air quality for your family.

An air duct cleaning is typically a full day process. We provide air duct cleaning for residents in Atlanta, Marietta, Smyrna and other cities throughout the Atlanta area.

Marsha R from Villa Rica says “This was the first time having our ducts cleaned in 23 years. The guys did a great job and shared pictures of how things looked. It took several hours. We can now breathe better with all that dust and stuff gone. I would recommend you get this done. It is unbelievable at the amount of dirt and dust that builds up over the years. Very satisfied with the results.”

We also provide a vent cleaning service. Lint left to build up over time can decrease air flow and become a potential fire hazard.

We’ll remove any lint build-up and clean your vents to keep them clear and safe.

When to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Air duct cleaning has become a controversial issue.

As the Environmental Protection Agency puts it,

“Knowledge about air duct cleaning is in its early stages, so a blanket recommendation cannot be offered as to whether you should have your air ducts in your home cleaned.”

However, there are certain instances in which cleaning your air ducts is a good idea. Usually it’s a situation involving one of these four factors:


Mold Prevention in Air Ducts in AtlantaPeek inside your duct work and check for visible mold growth. When mold starts growing inside of your air duct system, you have a potentially dangerous situation on your hands.

Live molds release spores that could trigger allergies and asthma in approximately 10 percent of the population. We can clean out your HVAC system and remove mold completely.


If you or a family member is experiencing inexplicable allergy symptoms, contaminants in your air duct system could be the culprit. Assured Comfort can help you diagnose the problem. There’s nothing worse than constantly feeling sick in your own home.


Have you just got done with some home remodeling? If so, it’s possible that asbestos, lead paint and/or dust has entered your air duct system.

Ideally, air ducts are sealed off during home renovations. If they weren’t, or if dirt and grime got in anyway, now’s the time to contact Assured Comfort about getting your air ducts cleaned out.


Don’t let the critters call your air duct system home! Many types of animals, from possums to birds, can crawl into your vents. Their droppings can promote mold growth, which can make humans sick.

Furthermore, the animals don’t always make it out alive. When an animal has died in your air duct system, every time you turn on the vent, a foul odor will be circulated throughout your home.

Best Air Duct Cleaning Service in AtlantaAssured Comfort’s duct cleaning services provide your household with many benefits, including improved energy efficiency and greater comfort.

Additionally, clean ducts combat problems associated with poor indoor air quality, such as allergies, asthma, and illness.

If you are unsure if you should get the ducts in your home professionally cleaned, ask yourself these questions:

  • Has it been at least three years since my last cleaning?
  • If I recently moved into my home, is it possible the last owner did not clean the ducts?
  • Do I or anyone else in the house suffer from asthma, allergies or other respiratory problems?
  • Is there a musty odor in my house, indicating mold?
  • Are there visual indications that mold may be present?
  • Have I seen insects or rodents crawling into or out of external air vent openings?
  • Do I own pets which shed hair in the home?
  • Does anyone smoke in the house?
  • Does the flow of air coming from the vents seem weak?


The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning for You and Your Home


Cleaner air

The most obvious benefit that duct cleaning provides is an improvement in the air quality of your home.

It is estimated that in an average three-bedroom home, 40 pounds of dust can be produced in one year just from everyday activities.

Much of this dust builds up in air ducts and is fed back into your home. Due to their high moisture levels, air ducts are also a breeding ground for mold, which can cause a number of different health problems.

After duct cleaning, many homeowners report an improvement in their allergies.

Cleaner home

Cleaning your air ducts also impacts how much dust is present in your home.

Because it will not be continuously recycled through your house, you will notice a reduced amount of dust on your home’s furniture, which means less dusting will be needed.

Energy Savings

Air Duct Energy Savings in AtlantaA thorough duct cleaning will remove everything which may have been clogging your vents. The reduction in blockages and debris will improve your HVAC system’s efficiency.

The EPA states that a very small coating of dirt (.042 inches) on a heating coil can result in a 21 percent reduction in energy efficiency.

The reduced workload on your heating or air conditioning system will also extend its lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

What to Look for in a Professional Duct Cleaning Service

Whether you are concerned about the problems of indoor air pollution or you are just hoping to alleviate your allergies, you have decided to get your air ducts cleaned.

Now what? You conduct a quick search for local duct cleaning businesses in your area, but how can you distinguish the reputable companies from the pretenders?

After all, you may know little about what’s involved in air duct cleaning. Asking yourself these three questions will help you find a high-quality duct cleaning service:

Do they have a portfolio?

If you are searching for a local duct cleaning service, one thing you should actively look for when comparing potential companies is their portfolio.

An experienced company should have dozens of before-and-after pictures of their previous clients’ vents, ready to show you upon request.

Are they properly licensed?

Many state and local governments require duct cleaning companies to be properly certified in order to operate.

This can vary from one state to another, so using a tool such as the Angie’s List License Checker is a great way to find out if your local government requires special licensing.

After finding out which licenses (if any) are required in your area, make sure to hire a company only after they provide proof of certification.

Do they “walk the walk”?

Air Duct Cleaning in AtlantaLike any other industry, there are duct cleaners who provide substandard work. A proper duct cleaning should cost upwards of $300 (beware of suspiciously low quotes) and take at least two hours to complete.

The company should use high-powered, industrial equipment such as truck-mounted vacuums in order to successfully remove the dust and debris from your vents (portable tools aren’t as effective).

A company that shows these signs is likely to provide high-quality results.

Provide your home’s heating and air ductwork with a safe and thorough cleaning from the professionals at Assured Comfort.

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