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Homeowners understand that experiencing any type of stoppage in their home's sewage system is a frustrating and unpleasant situation. Not only can it create a mess, but it also poses health risks, disrupts your daily routine, and can cause significant damage to your home if not addressed quickly. 

Whether it's a small blockage or a major backup, the key is to take action as soon as possible to avoid a larger problem down the line. With the help of our team at Assured Comfort Heating, Air, & Plumbing, you can feel confident that your sewer line is working at its best.

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How Does the Sewage System Work?

When wastewater is flushed or drained, it travels out and away from your house via the underground sewer line on your property to a large municipal sewer line and eventually to your city’s water reclamation facility. This process can only happen when there are no blockages and everything is running smoothly.

However, when wastewater flowing out from your house encounters a clog somewhere in the sewer line, it cannot go any further. Instead, the raw sewage backs-up into your home, usually entering through low points such as basements, floor drains, toilets, and septic tanks.

This can lead to damage to your home and your possessions. It is not usually a quick-fix, either. In this situation, not just one sink or toilet is stopped-up, but every drain in your home is affected.

Signs of Your Sewer Line Needs Inspection

It is important to be aware of the signs of sewage problems so that you can take action and protect yourself and your family from potential harm.

Common signs your sewage line needs repair or maintenance include: 

  • Odor: If you notice a foul odor, this indicates that you may have a dried out or broken seal that is allowing sewer gasses back up into your drains and in your home. This can potentially be extremely dangerous as these gasses contain Hydrogen sulfide, which can be toxic at low levels.
  • Gurgling drains: If you begin to hear gurgling in your drains or after you flush your toilet, this is an indication that you may have a clog somewhere in your sewage line. 
  • Green lawn: When the grass in your lawn appears to be greener and healthier in just one spot, this is a sign that your sewer line may have ruptured or is leaking.
  • Slow drainage: If your drains are taking longer to work, this can be a signal that your sewer line is clogged and is in need of repair.
  • Sinkholes: If your lawn appears to have patches of wetter grass, this may be due to a broken sewer line. In some cases, the pavement near the damaged area can crack as well. It’s important to seek immediate help from a plumber as this can be dangerous for yourself and others.

Can a Sewage Problem Make You Sick?

When it comes to the health and safety of your home, it's essential to ensure that your sewage system is working properly. While home damage may seem like the only potential issue that could arise from a malfunctioning sewage system, this is not the case. In fact, sewage backups and leaks can pose a serious threat to your health.

Sewage backups and leaks can lead to the following health issues:

  • Gastrointestinal distress
  • Skin rashes and infections
  • Gas poisoning
  • Jaundice
  • Hepatitis A

The gasses that enter your home can contain dangerous pathogens and bacteria that can cause illnesses. It's important to take immediate action if you suspect a sewage backup or leak in your home, as ignoring it can lead to more extensive damage and increased health risks.

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Assured Comfort Heating, Air, Plumbing, & Electrical prioritizes the health and safety of our customers and community. It is important to ensure that your home's sewage system is working efficiently to maintain a clean and comfortable living environment. We utilize best-in-class technologies to offer quality sewer line inspections and repairs quickly and with minimal disruption.

Our team of technicians is dedicated to providing high-quality service while strictly adhering to safety protocols. We believe that a healthy home is a happy home and are committed to providing our customers with the peace of mind they deserve.

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