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Do you ever wonder what lurks beneath the surface of your tap water? While municipal water treatment plants strive to deliver clean water, contaminants can still slip through. Assured Comfort Heating, Air, & Plumbing offers a variety of water filtration solutions to address these concerns and provide your home with fresh, filtered water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing.

Questions about how water filtration systems work, the common impurities they remove, and the numerous benefits they offer for your home and family's well-being? Contact us today!

How Home Water Filtration Systems Work

Water filtration systems work by passing tap water through various filtration stages, each targeting specific impurities. Here's a breakdown of the common methods:

  • Sediment Filtration: This initial stage removes coarse particles like sand, dirt, and rust. It typically uses a filter cartridge with a fine mesh that traps these sediments, preventing them from reaching your faucets and potentially damaging appliances.
  • Carbon Filtration: Activated carbon is highly effective in removing chlorine, chloramines, and other taste and odor-causing contaminants. These impurities can give your water an unpleasant taste and can irritate sensitive skin. The porous structure of activated carbon absorbs these chemicals as water passes through.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO): This advanced filtration method utilizes a semi-permeable membrane that allows water molecules to pass through while blocking larger contaminants. RO systems are particularly effective in reducing dissolved solids, heavy metals, fluoride, and other harmful substances found in tap water.

These filtration methods can be combined in various configurations depending on your specific needs and water quality concerns. Assured Comfort's trained technicians can assess your water and recommend the most suitable filtration system for your home.

Common Impurities & Contaminants Found in Tap Water

Even treated tap water can contain a range of impurities. Here are some of the most common culprits:

  • Chlorine and Chloramines: Used to disinfect water, these chemicals can leave a noticeable taste and odor.
  • Sediment: Sand, dirt, and rust can enter water sources and make their way to your tap.
  • Heavy Metals: Lead, copper, and arsenic are potential contaminants that can leach from aging pipes or naturally occur in water sources.
  • Dissolved Solids: Minerals like calcium and magnesium can contribute to hard water, causing problems with scale buildup and reducing soap effectiveness.
  • Microorganisms: While municipal treatment usually eliminates harmful bacteria, some private wells or older plumbing systems might be susceptible.

Benefits of Installing a Home Water Filtration System

Investing in a water filtration system offers numerous advantages for your health, home, and well-being. Here are some key benefits:

  • Improved Taste and Odor: Filtered water tastes noticeably better, free from chlorine's unpleasant taste and odor. Enjoy a refreshing glass of clean, great-tasting water directly from your tap.
  • Enhanced Health: By removing harmful contaminants, filtration can contribute to better overall health. This is particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skin conditions or those concerned about heavy metal exposure.
  • Reduced Plumbing Issues: Sediment buildup in pipes can lead to leaks and damage. Filtration minimizes these concerns, promoting the longevity of your plumbing system.
  • Cleaner Dishes and Laundry: Hard water can leave spots and film on dishes and clothes. Filtration removes dissolved solids, resulting in cleaner dishes and softer laundry.
  • Improved Appliance Efficiency: Hard water buildup can reduce the efficiency of appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. Filtration promotes better performance and potentially extends their lifespan.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By reducing your reliance on bottled water, filtration minimizes plastic waste and contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Assured Comfort: Your Partner for Cleaner Water

Assured Comfort Heating, Air, & Plumbing offers comprehensive water filtration services in the Atlanta area. Our qualified technicians can assess your water quality, recommend the most suitable system, and handle the entire installation process. We offer a variety of filtration solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Call Assured Comfort today at (770) 464-5745 for a free consultation and experience the difference clean, filtered water can make in your home. 

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