Save Energy And Money On Heating Bills

Saving money and energy is easier than you think! Follow these tips and you’ll reduce the load on your furnace and keep your home comfortable. Nothing is more uncomfortable than trying to relax in a cold house during winter.

But the cost of a consistently warm and cozy home can be quite high.

Check out these tips to efficiently reduce your furnace’s work and save a couple dollars in the process.

1. Buy a draft stopper

With the purchase of a draft stopper, you can see drafty doors and windows.

2. Don’t block your heating vents

Make sure that your radiators and heating vents have a significant amount of space.

If they are blocked, the entire room will not adequately heat and you make turn up the furnace or alter something else when the problem actually originates in your blocked vents.

Important note: A blocked vent isn’t only inefficient, it is also a fire hazard. Make sure to move all furniture and drapes.

3. Lower the thermostat

This may not sound initially appealing, but every degree you turn down the thermostat can save you 2 to 5 percent on your energy bill.

So throw on a nice sweatshirt and turn down the thermostat to a setting that is lower but still comfortable for you.

4. Contact an HVAC contractor

Right before the cold weather arrives, it is a good idea to contact your contractor to have your system professionally-inspected and tuned up.

The technician will replace filters, check for necessary repairs, and allow your system to work at its highest efficiency. 

5. Install a Programmable Thermostat

With a programmable thermostat, you can set the temperature to lower during certain times of the day.

You will save money in the end, and still, have warmth when you need it.

Optimal times could include while at work and possibly while sleeping.

6. Schedule a Home Energy Audit

With a home energy audit, you will be able to locate potential problem areas in your house.

The audit will provide solutions to minimize heat loss.

7. Utilize the Sun

Drapes are great for privacy, but if you open them and allow a little sunlight your home could be naturally heated.

Any south-facing windows during the day are great for capturing sunlight during the day.

8. Purchase a Humidifier

A humidifier can make your home feel warmer without turning up the thermostat. 

It produces moisture in the air and moisture naturally holds heat.

9. Close the Chimney

Sure, the chimney is aesthetically appealing and when you build a fire, of course, keep it open.

However, when not being used your chimney is a direct pathway to the cold air outside.

Make sure to keep it closed to keep warm air from escaping.

10. Remove Window Air Conditioners

Leaving your window A/C units in over winter is not only a bad idea for the air conditioner itself, but it can create drafts which allow cold air to enter your home.

When you think of your home, there are many various easy ways to reduce the cost of your heating.

If you want your home to stay warm all winter or would like some technical assistance with your HVAC system, click the link below set up an appointment today.

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