10 Questions To Ask Before Installing A New Hot Water Heater

Investing in a new hot water heater for your home or business is a big expense and we want to help you be informed before making this large financial decision. 

Therefore, the plumbers at Assured Comfort have created a comprehensive list of the ten questions you must ask your plumbing company before purchasing and having your new water heater installed in your home. 

The ten questions below will help you be educated about your purchase and ensure that you are buying the perfect water heater for your specific needs. 

1. Should You Buy a Tankless or Traditional Water Heater?

This is the most common question people ask when it comes time to replace their water heater. 

There are two main kinds of hot water heaters, tankless and traditional, and neither is better than the other. They both have their advantages and disadvantages and different types work better for different people. 

The type of water heater you buy should be primarily dependent on your type of household and how many people will be utilizing hot water on a daily basis. 

Talk to your plumber about your budget, energy conservation concerns, and how many people are in your household, they will take everything into consideration and present you with the best option for your needs. 

2. What Size Tank Do You Need?

 The size of tank you require ultimately depends on the size of your home, business, family, etc.

Most customers are searching for a water heater for their home, not a commercial size water tank.

Therefore, your decision will be dependent on how many people are in your home.

If there are only one or two people in a home, you don’t want to go too big because you will waste money and energy, but if you have a family of five you don’t want to go too small (unless you enjoy taking cold showers on a daily basis). 

The average size of water tank for a home range from 20-50 gallons.

Talk to your plumber and let him know your personal needs and they should be able to determine the best fit for you. 

3. Will It be Energy Efficient?

Most equipment made today is energy efficient, however, if you getting a higher quality model with the latest technology, it will probably be even more energy efficient.

These systems are usually pricey, but they will pay off in the long run with all the money you save in utility bills.

If you are very concerned about conserving energy, a tankless water heater might be for you.

Although they can only produce a limited amount of hot water per minute, they are significantly more energy efficient than a traditional water storage tank.

4. How Long Does the Installation Take?

certified plumber should be able to remove your old water heater and install the new one in approximately three hours. This time frame is under normal circumstances and with no unforeseen issues occurring.

We understand that your time is valuable and being without water is a major hassle, so we try to replace your water heater as quickly as possible.

5. How to Dispose of an Old Water Heater? 

When you purchase your new water heater from a quality plumbing company, they will most likely offer to haul your old one away after installing your new one.

Your plumbing company will be sure your water tank is disposed of safely and properly, so you do not need to worry about it.

Some plumbers charge an extra fee for this service and some do not so be sure to ask and see if you can make a deal since you are spending thousands of dollars with them for a new water heater. 

6. What Brands Will You Be Able to Choose From?

No matter which plumbing company you choose to install your new system, you should be able to choose from whichever brand of water heater you wish.

Most plumbing companies will partner with a few top brands, so you can probably get a better deal if you choose one of those options, but picking a particular brand should never pose an issue. 

If your plumbing company only sells one or two brands, it can be extremely limiting and prevent you from being able to choose from the latest technology. 

If a plumber is making you feel forced to pick from a limited number of brands, I would find a different company to work with. 

However, I would always recommend asking why they chose a certain brand, and why they prefer to work with that company.

Maybe they will tell you something that you didn’t know and you will decide to go with one of their brands, but do not be talked into something in the moment that you don’t really want to do.

This is a large financial decision, so take some time to think about it first. 

7. Should You Schedule Preventive Maintenance Appointments?

Getting a yearly inspection and cleaning can help keep your water heater in great condition.

During an annual tune-up, your plumber should check to make sure your water heater is working properly and efficiently.

This will include inspecting things like; the pressure relief valve, filters, burner assembly, anode rod and the power supply that heats the water.

Only if necessary should the tank be flushed to remove built-up sediment.

Having this maintenance performed will ensure that your water heater continues to perform optimally for a long time. 

8. Does It Have a Warranty?

When you buy a new water heater, it is very unlikely that it will have a problem, especially within the first few years.

However, you want to make sure you are protected in case the worst happens, or you receive a faulty system.

Most units come with a warranty up to five years, but ask before you buy and make sure to double check everything that the warranty covers in the event that something does malfunction or break. 

If you are concerned about the length of your warranty, some manufacturers will offer extended warranties for you to purchase.

Additionally, some plumbers will even warranty their work, so if something they did causes an issue, they will fix it at no cost to you. 

9. How Much Will It Cost?

The cost will obviously depend on the size and type of water heater you choose.

However, according to HomeAdvisor, the national average for new water heaters was $1,000 for traditional and about $3,000 for tankless. 

Tankless water heaters save you money in the long term so the cost upfront is fairly significant.

On the other hand, traditional water heaters are less pricey but you will continue to pay a good amount in utility bills month after month, so be sure to include the on-going cost in your budget. 

It is important to understand the price breakdown when you are quoted for a water heater, so have your plumber explain the costs so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

For example, how much is the cost of the system and how much are the labor costs?

10. Who Will Install the New Unit?

licensed plumber should be called to install your new water heater.

This can be a difficult and dangerous job for the untrained individual, so it is always a safer bet to call a professionally trained and licensed plumber to complete the job quickly and correctly. 

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