Does Your Indoor Air Quality Have An Impact On Your Health?

When spring hits metro Atlanta, we become quickly aware of our indoor air quality (IAQ). A sheen of yellow can be seen dusting your home, car, and outdoor furniture, and somehow manages to creep inside your home. This visible pollutant is just one of many that can affect your health and well-being.

In this day and age, we are educated and aware of our health. Focus is placed on exercise and healthy eating. Often times, indoor air quality can take a back seat even though it too has a great impact to one’s health.

 What are the Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality?

The EPA states that the effects of your indoor air quality (IAQ) can be immediate, or become evident years later. This is dependent upon the exposure, personal health and existing health conditions. Itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing and coughing are all side effects that may be an immediate response to indoor pollutants. Others such as asthma and respiratory ailments can present themselves years later.

What is an indoor pollutant? The list is long and the pollutants can vary room by room. Pollutants such as carbon monoxide, mold, pet dander, pesticides, cleaning supply fumes, dust mites, and second hand smoke can all impact your day to day life. Your carpets, toys, pets and mattresses are just a few common household items that add to poor IAQ.

However, the solutions to improving your IAQ are easy and dramatically impactful:

  • Duct Cleaning
  • Control Mold with Dehumidification and Eliminating standing water sources
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Whole Home Air Filtration
  • Proper HVAC sizing and maintenance

The expert team at Assured Comfort Heating, Air and Plumbing can offer indoor air quality consultations to help you better the circulating air that you breathe. Small changes and additions to your home, can provide long lasting positive effects to your day to day and health. Schedule your Indoor Air Quality consult and breathe easy in no time!

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