Reasons To Care About Your Home’s Inside Air Quality

There are risks to our health everywhere. The last years have definitely taught us more about viruses and germs. Then there are concerns driving, flying, then weather and pollution. Some risks are unavoidable. Others we can recognize and do something about. There are risks we avoid because we can! Indoor air pollution is one risk that you can do something about!

The best way to improve the air in your home is to remove the allergens, dust, particles, viruses and germs that we breathe in. To do that you need proper ventilation. You need a good air filter in your furnace or central heating and air conditioning (HVAC). This is why we offer duct cleaning and higher rated air filtrations such as MERV 16 and HEPA filtration. These are the same filtration systems you’ll find on air planes, schools and hospitals. But you can go far beyond just filtration.

Assured Comfort has equipment that not only catch foreign items in your air but eliminate them. Our UV light and iWave systems kill all those allergens, smells and viruses in the air. Our system is scientifically proven to kill 99.8% of any viruses going through your HVAC system.

You are in control of your home and your air. Assured Comfort wants to give you more control so you can reduce the viruses that may be in your home.

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