How Often You Should Have Your HVAC System Serviced

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HVAC System Service – How Often Do You Need It?

Your home’s HVAC system does so much more than just keep your indoor air temperature comfortable. It also keeps your air quality clean, your water pipes protected from the cold, and your humidity under control. With so many moving parts to keep your home comfortable and safe, it’s important to schedule regular HVAC maintenance services. But how often are these services necessary? And why? We’ve answered all your common HVAC maintenance questions below.

Why Is HVAC System Service Important?

Before you even consider how often service is needed, you’re probably wondering, “why is it important to get my HVAC system serviced in the first place?”

Here are the top reasons to have your HVAC system serviced regularly:

  • Increased efficiency. Without proper maintenance, your HVAC system is likely to become clogged with dirt and debris which can reduce airflow and even lead to an overworked system. Cleaning, testing, and resolving any of these issues during maintenance service will help keep your unit working more efficiently for longer.
  • Reliable safety. A consistently tested and cleaned HVAC system is much safer to operate. Spotting potential repair needs ahead of time helps prevent dangerous breakdowns, potential water or gas leaks, and electrical issues.
  • Better comfort. Blocked ventilation, dirty air filters, malfunctioning parts, or a broken thermostat can all lead to irregular temperatures and restricted airflow in your home. Keeping your system at its peak efficiency levels will help your home to feel more comfortable and evenly heated or cooled.
  • Reduced energy costs. Several issues can lead to your HVAC system becoming overworked and less efficient. Clogged ventilation, broken parts, or debris buildup can all cause your system to consume more energy than if it were better maintained. A professional tune-up will help identify and prevent issues that may cause high energy bills.
  • Reduced repair costs. During a routine checkup, an HVAC professional will be able to identify early signs of wear and tear or part failure. Resolving these issues before they develop into larger problems can help save on heftier repair costs.
  • Cleaner indoor air. Your HVAC system doesn’t just maintain your home temperature, it also helps keep your indoor air quality healthy by filtering pollutants. Regularly inspecting your ventilation system, keeping your unit clean, and switching out air filters during maintenance tune-ups will aid in cleaner indoor air.
  • Reduced unit or home damage. A lot can go wrong if your HVAC system breaks down. Because your HVAC unit includes your home’s ventilation, furnace and AC, and temperature control, a breakdown can result in air quality or heating and cooling issues. An unheated home can result in frozen or burst pipes, a humid home can result in mold growth, and dirty ventilation can result in unhealthy air quality.

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How Often Should You Schedule HVAC Service?

Twice a year is what we, and most experts in the HVAC industry, recommend. Ideally, you should schedule service in early Fall, and again in Spring. This way, your heating and cooling components are properly prepped for their most demanding seasons: winter and summer. The Fall and Spring seasons are also when seasonal allergens contribute to higher indoor air pollution. Servicing your unit as these seasons begin will help keep your indoor air quality healthy, and your unit cleared of dirt and debris buildup.

What Happens During HVAC System Maintenance?

The specific maintenance tasks provided will depend on your system type, maintenance frequency, and unit needs. Generally, though, when servicing your HVAC system, you can expect our service professionals to perform these maintenance tasks:

  • Inspecting. During inspections, our professionals will check the overall efficiency of your unit and look for any issues with loose or malfunctioning parts, electrical connections, airflow, leaks, and strange noises or odors.
  • Testing. Our testing services generally involve checking thermostat function, electrical connections, and safety features.
  • Cleaning. Our HVAC system cleaning services can include external and internal part cleaning as needed such as removing drain clogs, clearing vents and registers, removing debris buildup around external units, cleaning evaporator coils, replacing air filters, and more. If there’s significant dust or dirt buildup in your duct system, we can schedule duct cleaning as a separate service.
  • Repairing. If your unit requires additional replacement parts or repairs, this service will likely be scheduled separately from your maintenance tune-up. Our experts will be sure to discuss these needs and costs with you before administering any repair work.

Can I DIY HVAC Maintenance?

The short answer: No. Most yearly, HVAC maintenance tasks should be done by a professional. This way, any looming repair needs are properly identified and serviced. An expert will have a better understanding of your unit’s parts to keep it running most efficiently and safely.

However, being familiar with your unit parts and overall function enough to identify issues and keep up with standard cleaning tasks is perfectly doable for the everyday homeowner, and even encouraged. Tasks such as checking your thermostat, cleaning your external unit, and replacing the filter are all DIY HVAC maintenance tips we recommend you keep up with yearly.

How Much Does It Cost to Service an HVAC System?

A standard tune-up for your HVAC system won’t cost very much, especially if you are utilizing Assured Comfort specials which start this service at $39. However, the initial tune-up cost doesn’t include additional repair and replacement needs. These additional services will be priced and scheduled separately as needed. Joining the Complete Comfort Club can help reduce some of these overall costs not just for your HVAC system, but also for electrical and plumbing home needs.

Schedule Expert HVAC Services in Atlantic, GA

Maintain better home comfort and healthier indoor air with regular HVAC maintenance. Assured Comfort® provides Atlanta residents with HVAC services for both furnace and AC systems. Whether you need to schedule your maintenance tune-up or repair services, we have you covered. Call (770) 464-5745, or request service online to get started.
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