14 Fast Fall Fixes

AC unit in backyard

We don’t doubt that your fall honey-do list is pretty lengthy. This is an important time of year to tackle that list and get some much needed things done around the house.

Here is our list of 8 simple ways to improve your home as winter approaches…

1 – Clean the vent hood

Wipe down the interior and exterior with a nonabrasive household degreaser. Prewash the filter before running it through the dishwasher on the top rack.

2 – Score deals on lawn equipment

Take note of outdoor gear that may need to be replaced, since yard tools and mowers will be on sale since it is the end of season!

3 – Refresh window boxes

Give them a pick-me-up with cold-hardy plantings, such as ornamental kale, that will provide color well into fall.

4 – Service smoke alarms

Clear dust from the smoke-sensing chamber using a vacuum’s soft brush or compressed air, then test after reinstalling.

5 – Wash away pollen

Hosing off outdoor surfaces will help keep allergens from traveling indoors. Toss cushions in the washer or, if they’re too delicate, use dish soap and water to hand-wash.

6 – Drain the water heater

Turn equipment off, then force out sediment using a pump and a garden hose until the water runs clear.

7 – Fertilize your lawn

Hot summer months can force your turf into dormancy, but fall, with its cooler weather, is the right time to revive growth with nitrogen-rich fertilizer; look for a 20-8-8 formula. Follow up in four to six weeks with a phosphorus-rich 13-25-12 fertilizer to stimulate root growth before winter.

8 – Revitalize exterior lights

Shorter days and longer nights are within view, so now’s a good time to give exterior lights a little love. First, spray any rusted areas with WD-40, then scrub with a heavy-duty scouring pad. Tape off the glass and give the frame a fresh coat of rust-inhibiting spray paint. If you prefer an unpainted look, protect it with a UV-resistant clear coat.

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