Heating Services


It’s important to have a reliable heating system in place.

In the Metro Atlanta area we still get our share of cold snaps, frigid temperatures and all-around erratic winter weather.

And when we do, it’s important to be ready for what comes our way. 

Our Heating team can help you with the following:

Air Conditioning Services


Yeah it's hot in and around Atlanta.  You can count on hot, muggy, sticky weather much of the year.

During the summers, temperatures in the afternoons often reach 90 °F or higher, and may only dip down into the low 70s at night and most days come with a lot of humidity.

Prepare yourself, our Air Conditioning team can help with the following:

Plumbing Services

Major plumbing problems like clogged sewer lines, broken water heaters and gas leaks should definitely be left to the pros. 

Our team of Plumbing Professionals can help with the following:

Air Filtration Services

 At Assured Comfort, we offer a variety of indoor air purification solutions for your Atlanta area home.

That includes air cleaners, UV lights, dehumidifiers and humidifiers that improve indoor air quality.

Our Air Filtration experts can remove airborne contaminants from your house and help with the following: