Top 10 Tips To Keep You Cool This Summer

As the hot sun beats down on metro Atlanta we can’t help but wonder when we will feel the cool chill of fall. With a couple more months left of the burning heat, do you know the best ways to keep yourself cool and comfortable? The most valuable piece of equipment in your home on a hot summer day is most certainly your AC system. The thoughts of needing AC repair mid summer can make you panic, the easy task of keeping your AC maintained is key to staying comfortable in your home.

While we depend on our AC to keep us cool, there are many ways to lower your body temperature while enjoying the summer sun!


Make sure to drink water often. Every 15 minutes ideally. If you are planning to spend extra time outdoors or in increased activity, make sure to bring extra fluids. Signs of dehydration can be headache, dizziness, and nausea.


Caffeinated beverages actually aid in pulling water from your system and can be detrimental to your hydration. Limit yourself to 1-2 caffeinated beverages a day. Drink water or fluids with electrolytes to keep you hydrated.


Wear light colored clothing and a hat when outdoors. Covering up may seem as if it will make you warmer, but in actuality light colored clothing reflects the light and wearing the right fabrics, such as cotton, can help absorb sweat.


The air may be warm but even the cool breeze of a circulating fan can ease the heat and make you feel cooler.


Take advantage of the morning and evening times when temperatures tend to be cooler and the sun is not beating down scorching the earth. If you must go out midday, seek shade as much as possible. It can be 10 degrees cooler out of the sun.


When the midday sun hits your home, it transfers heat energy through your windows. Close your blinds and save on your utility bills. Make sure that direct sunlight is not beating down on your thermostat.


 When you’re gone all day, there is no sense in running your AC at full blast. Program your thermostat to cool your home 1 hour before your arrival. Your energy bills will stay reasonable and your wallet will thank you. Plus, you’ll be just as comfortable as if your AC was cooling your home all day.


There’s nothing like cooling off from a hot day then playing in the pool. Take advantage of your local pool and relax in the water. You’ll cool off and enjoy the warm weather.


Movie theaters, malls, and restaurants are all great places to enjoy the day without staying in the heat. Plus, you can turn your thermostat down and let someone else’s AC keep you cool.


Take a breather and just relax. Swing on a hammock, drink some lemonade or ice tea, or just enjoy some peace and quiet in the cool. Limiting activity cools you down and peace of mind relaxes you. 

There is nothing like the sunshine on a warm summer day, but relentless heat can be exhausting. If you find that you’re not able to keep cool or your AC isn’t keeping up to lower your home’s temperature; contact the HVAC specialists at Assured Comfort. With our Wow Service Guarantee, you will always receive 5 star service.  We are always On Time, with a job Done Right, and Priced Right for your budget. Contact us today to schedule your routine AC maintenance, to get you feeling cool and comfortable. 

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