Why You Should Never Put Off AC Repairs

Georgia homes endure high heat and humidity during the summer months and air conditioning is a necessity, not a luxury. The proper functioning of your AC system is a must to keep your utility costs down and most importantly, a comfortable temperature in your home.

Why Systems Fail

Your HVAC System has hundreds of working parts and mechanical components that if not properly maintained, can easily fail and cause a breakdown situations. Knowing why a system can fail is just as important as rectifying the solution.

  • Poor Air Flow- Not performing routine preventative maintenance or changing air filters on schedule can cause your air flow to become strained. This causes the system to work harder and can cause damage to your motors, fans and other vital components.
  • Loose or worn Mechanical Parts– Your HVAC system has many complex moving mechanical pieces and electrical connections. It is always a good idea to have a professional provide you with a thorough look, as well as repair any loose or damaged connections.
  • Age– Let’s face it. We want our HVAC system to last a lifetime but as newer, more efficient and advanced models hit the market, the old become outdated. Excessive wear and tear, as well as exposure to the elements, will cause your system to age and deteriorate over time. Become familiar with the pro’s and con’s of repairing vs. replacing your system. You may be faced with making that decision.

Why Repair Your System?

When you have a failing HVAC system, merely putting a bandaid on it to get it up and running again may work for a short time. Mid summer, when your AC system is running at its peak, you should have peace of mind that you AC won’t fail. Repairing your AC system per expert recommendations, is key to staying cool and comfortable worry free.

The time our AC spends running in the Georgia heat is higher than many areas in the nation. Without proper AC repairs, you can expect more frequent breakdowns. This leads to frustration and inconvenience. Let alone a mad rush to try to find an expert hvac technician to repair your AC. This may often end in a choice of first available appointment, rather than most experienced and customer focused.If you’re looking for a team of experts to regularly service your HVAC & plumbing systems or are in need of a repair, contact Assured Comfort today. With a long list of guarantees and highly trained teams, your time worrying about your HVAC will be minimized when you are under our watch. Join our Comfort Club today and receive first priority in preventative maintenance appointments and repair discounts. Plus with our Price Lock Guarantee, your yearly maintenance price is locked in for a lifetime! Schedule Today

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