Your Home Won’t Sell… Tips To Go From For Sale To Sold!

Real estate tends to spike between June and August, and it’s a good season to sell if you’re in transition.  A bad home inspection can be devastating to your home’s value, so it’s imperative to take the necessary steps to prepare. If you’re having trouble with the sale of your home or want to make your home more appealing to buyers as “selling season” closes, updating your HVAC and Plumbing are quick and easy ways to add value to your home. 

Tips to prepare for a home inspection and home sale: 

  1. Check for and repair any leaks. According to the EPA, the average household wastes more than 10,000 gallons of water of a year due to leaks. An easy way to test for a leak is to plan a two-hour period when no water will be used and then examine the water meter at the beginning and end of the period. If it changed, the presence of a leak is likely. All faucets, indoor and outdoor, should be tested for proper water pressure, and crawlspaces and basements should be inspected for signs of water. Leaks can lead to property damage such as sagging floors and encourage the growth of mold, leading to poor and unhealthy indoor air quality.
  2. Assess the condition of the water heater. A water heater should deliver hot water efficiently. One major issue to look for that can reduce efficiency is the presence of corrosion or scale on the heating element. Their presence can severely impact the effectiveness of the heating element, and severe corrosion may necessitate replacement. Opting to fully replace an aging unit, especially one 8-12 years of age, with a newer, more efficient model can add value to the home.
  3. Schedule tune-ups for both the air conditioner and furnace. Both the heating and cooling systems in the home need to be serviced prior to a home inspection, and if they haven’t been serviced on an annual basis, there is even a good chance that any existing manufacturer’s warranties have been rendered void. Professional tune-ups typically involve cleaning the systems, changing filters, lubricating mechanical parts and checking safety points such as flues.
  4. Schedule a Plumbing Inspection. Leaks and potential water damage is a big negative to new homeowners. To make your home more appealing during the inspection process, you can easily have a low cost plumbing inspection performed on your home to isolate and repair problem areas in your home. 
  5. Replace your aging system. Many homeowners know that when they move into a new home, they will have many unexpected expenses. The thought of an old water heater or HVAC system breaking down screams “big expense” to a new homeowner. Replacing your HVAC system can not only add value but also provide your potential buyer with peace of mind, and a transferrable warranty. Not to mention the appeal of lowered utility costs. Add a wifi communicating thermostat and you have another marketable benefit to your home! 

For more information about how best to prepare your house to receive the best return on your investment, please call (770) 464-5745. Assured Comfort Heating, Air and Plumbing can perform HVAC system maintenance, new HVAC system Free In Home Estimates and low cost plumbing inspections to give you the best advantage in selling your home!

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