7 Easy Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioner

Properly caring for your home’s Air Conditioning Unit will ensure that it operates efficiently and continues to work the way it should throughout its life expectancy. 

Regardless of the model or size of your AC unit, you expect it to last for years.

The life expectancy of your AC unit will depend on the model of the unit. However, it has more to do with the maintenance and care that is received. 

To help extend the life of your Air Conditioning Unit, there are several things to consider. 

1. Give your Air Conditioner a Rest

2. Clean your AC Unit on a Regular Basis

3. Get regular AC Tune-ups

4. Allow Air to Circulate

5. Clean the Ducts

6. Change the Filter

7. Check for Leaks

Give your Air Conditioner a Rest 

When air conditioners are constantly run, they tend to wear out quicker. It is important to turn the air conditioner off if you plan on leaving home for any length of time. You can turn the thermostat a minimum of 5 degrees to allow the unit to stay on, but not cool the air. 

You can also turn up the thermostat at night. Both of these techniques will help to prolong the life of your AC unit because it will not be running day in and day out without a break. 

Clean your AC Unit on a Regular Basis 

Even with the necessary protection, your air conditioning unit will still need regular cleanings.

The outdoor AC unit will get dirty, just from being outdoors.

Cleaning the dust, dirt, leaves, and any other debris will keep your AC unit working optimally.

When your outdoor unit is clean, the chance of a mechanical breakdown is much less. 

Get Regular AC Tune-ups 

Getting regular AC tune-ups is very important when it comes to extending the life of the unit. Regular tune-ups will keep your system in excellent condition and will help to prevent problems before they can begin. 

The best time for a tune-up is typically in the spring, right before the summer months begin and your unit is used more frequently. 

When you contact Assured Comfort for your Air Conditioning Tune-Up, we will inspect all of the components, clean, and fix any possible issues you may be having. Preventative maintenance will help to avoid costly repairs in the future. 

Allow Air to Circulate 

Your Air Conditioning unit works to pump cold air into your home, so proper airflow is needed for the air conditioner to operate efficiently. It is important to clear any obstructions from the air vents in your home.

Your system will not have to work as hard to circulate cool air in the home if all of the vents are opened and unobstructed, allowing the air to pass through freely. 

Clean the Ducts 

In some circumstances, air ducts may be the reasons cool air is not reaching your home. If the air ducts are dirty, it can slow down the air flow into your home. Dirt and debris accumulate inside the air ducts over time which makes it difficult for the cold air to pass through. 

When you have regular air duct cleaning, it will prevent the air from being slowed by dirt or dust, and also help to improve the indoor air quality in your home. This will cut out the amount of dust that is in your air. 

Air duct cleaning should be done at a minimum, once per year before the air conditioner needs to be used on a regular basis. 

Change the Filter

Changing your air conditioner’s filters frequently will help prevent them from getting clogged. Replacing the filters in your air conditioning unit will extend the lifespan of your unit, improve the overall efficiency, and save you money on energy costs. 

Our Technicians at Assured Comfort recommend you replace the filter every 30-60 days.

This will also depend on how often your air conditioner is being used. 

Check for Leaks 

 It is important to check your air conditioner for leaks at least once per year. If there are leaks in the hose, the unit could have problems that may cause a breakdown.

Having your system properly maintained will ensure that this does not happen. When you contact Assured Comfort to check for leaks, we will do a complete system check to ensure your unit is working properly.  

Benefits of Regular Air Conditioning Tune-Ups with Assured Comfort  

  1. Lower energy bills. Well-maintained systems don’t have to work as hard as unmaintained systems to reach the same temperature, so they use less energy and keep your operating costs stable.
  2. Improved reliability. Regular maintenance will keep your system working optimally even in extreme conditions and prevent breakdowns. When the system’s been cleaned, loose parts have been tightened, stiff parts have been lubricated, and broken parts have been replaced, there’s very little chance an emergency repair will be needed.
  3. Increased durability. Just like changing the oil in your car, regular maintenance will extend your comfort system’s lifespan and can help delay the expense of having to replace your unit sooner than necessary.

Extend the Life of your Air Conditioning Unit by Contacting the Top Air Conditioning Maintenance Company

No matter what brand or model air conditioner you have in your home, our HVAC technicians have the expertise and knowledge to service your system expertly.

For increased reliability and durability of your cooling systems, it is important to contact our expert technicians today. 

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Extend the life of your Air Conditioning Unit by having it properly maintained and serviced by a professional company. 

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