Keep Your Heating Healthy

The difference between your unit lasting 8-9 years vs 12-15 years is preventative maintenance. At Assured Comfort Heating, Air and Plumbing, we believe that every one of our clients should be able to afford basic maintenance. Here are ways to keep your home warm and cozy.


1. Clean the condenser or heat pump

2. Change the filter

3. Clean the coils

4. Clean the drain lines

5. Top off the freon

6. Check for leaks in the exchanger

7. Keep the outdoor unit clear

Or you can pay us to do it. Our best value is our 3-year plan. We call it “3 for 2” and it allows you to receive 36 months of maintenance but only pay for 2 years. We also have a plan that is less than a Netflix subscription. It’s only $15 a month.

Of course, keeping the unit checked on and safe is the biggest benefit, but there are other benefits. Knowing you can have someone to trust to come into your home late at night, that’s insured, in a company vehicle, even on a cold Christmas or a hot 4th of July, is incredible. Our agreement customers get priority and never pay overtime or holiday rates. And if a repair is needed, it’s discounted.

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