Upfront Price Lock Guarantee

We guarantee that the price that you are quoted is locked and all you will pay. Never worry that you’ll end up with sticker shock when the job is complete.


FastORfreeLogoFast or Free On Time Guarantee

We'll guarantee to be there at our appointed time, or your service call is free. 



Test Drive Guarantee

Test Drive Money Back Guarantee

Purchase a Complete HVAC system from Assured Comfort and if you are not satisfied with your newly installed system within one year, we'll refund your money.



Free In Home HVAC Replacement Estimate

Free In Home HVAC Replacement Estimates

We Guarantee that your HVAC In Home Replacement Estimate is always FREE. Whether you are researching, shopping or have an immediate need, there's never a charge to meet with a Comfort Specialist. 



WOW Service Guarantee

WOW Service Guarantee

We Guarantee that that you will receive WOW service or your money back. 24/7 Courteous, Clean Professionals at your service. 



Veteran Owned

Veteran Owned, Community Strong, Comfort Assured

We believe that taking care of our community and veterans, is as important as taking care of each customer.