Seasonal Allergy Guide

Say ‘Bye Bye Itchy Eyes!’ Fall Allergies are a Reality!

According to the Department of Consumer Affairs, 1 out of every 6 people who suffer from allergies do so as a direct result of fungi or bacteria and other allergens in their air duct system. Ragweed season is from late summer to mid fall. With the milder weather upon us, homeowners long to crack the windows to get some fresh air and a cool breeze. But this can bring in allergens and contaminants into your home and ducts. No worries- there are a number of ways you can enjoy fall with cleaner air in your home. 

Air duct cleaning involves thoroughly cleaning all vents, ducts and supply grills in your home. Homes that have more than one HVAC system have separate ventilation hook ups. In this case, both must be cleaned for optimum air quality. 

During an air duct cleaning, Assured Comfort’s team will remove each vent and use an industry specific vacuum to remove accumulated dirt, dust and grime, much like a chimney sweeper does. This reduces bacteria and allergens like dust, pollen, mold and pet dander from your air vents. The ducts are also cleaned with sanitizers and natural anti-microbials to prevent growth of contaminants in the future. For the homeowner, this means having to dust less often, fewer allergy problems, and better air quality for your family.  

While open windows and cool breeezes are welcome after a long hot summer, making sure your air is clean and not causing you distress is as easy as a quick visit from our expert duct cleaning team. Pair this quick service with a seasonal HVAC maintenance and you will be breathing easy all fall and winter long!

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