Top Benefits Of Home Water Filtration

We bathe in it, wash our dishes and clothes, water our vegetable, cook with it and drink it. Water is crucial to our everyday life and well-being. While seemingly clear and clean, regular tap water can be filled with impurities, chemicals, metals, and even bacteria. Purchasing bottled water does not eliminate all of these “extras” from your water and while it too seems clear and clean, is not regulated for purity.

There are a number of water filtering systems that can benefit your home, and life and provide you with high quality drinking and daily usage water. You’ll find the improvements maybe even shocking…

  • All water from your home is clean and filtered. From every faucet, spigot or water source you will have contaminant free water. Think about where you get your water form for your food, coffee, laundry, and showers. There is more to exposure than via drinking a glass of water.
  • Chlorines and fluorides are removed right at the filter, before they even enter the home and plumbing system. This reduces the invisible chlorine vapors that are present in unfiltered water that can end up on your dishes and in your clothes.
  • Extra protection to your home water is provided from municipality water treatment and sanitation errors and contaminations. It provides a last effort in the event of “boil notices”
  • Aluminum- Municipal water that is left unfiltered may lead to an increased exposure of aluminum. This metal has been linked to a variety of health concerns.
  • Cheaper– filtering your own water provides cost savings to you. If you are a water bottle buyer… think of the amount of money that is spent on water bottles alone.
  • Greener– this is a hot term lately… but it is greatly beneficial to our environment to filter your own water. Less plastic waste that. The fewer bottles purchased and the less requirement to make them. Landfills as well as our oceans are filled with plastic waste that takes 300+ years to disintegrate.
  • Heathier– Filtered water removes cryptosporidium and giardia from drinking water helping to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal disease by more than 33%. Not to mention the benefits of the removal of carcinogens and contaminants.

While there are many water options in the store, it doesn’t have to be such a complicated and expensive of a process to keep yourself hydrated. Filtering your own water, while may be a cost initially for the equipment, in the long run provides your whole home and family with healthier water to drink, use and bathe in. Consider a home filtration system to better your health, the environment and your bank account! The licensed plumbers at Assured Comfort are knowledgeable in all things water filtration. We can provide you with an easy water evaluation test to see if your water is suitable or filled with contaminants. Enjoy clear, fresh and clean water straight from the tap!