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Ductless Heating

One of the fastest growing areas in the heating and cooling industry is ductless technology. It offers an alternative to home comfort to the traditional HVAC system. With focus on space heating and cooling vs a centralized air system, ductless HVAC Systems offer a more customized and energy efficient approach to controlling your home’s temperature.

Ductless System Uses

Ductless systems have been popular around the world, and the benefits are being noticed here in America.  Also known as ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems, these units consist of an exterior heat pump that is then connected to interior air handling units. These units can be remote controlled by zone and run independently of one another, creating a best case scenario for conserving energy. The ease of installation and minimal building modifications required reduces labor costs and offers solutions to older home designs.

Ductless systems are best suited for :

  • sun rooms
  • basements
  • room additions
  • cold or hot spot rooms
  • bonus rooms
  • media rooms
  • attic spaces

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Heat and cool any space with a fast and energy efficient mini split ductless system. The heating and cooling experts at Assured Comfort area seasoned pros in the installation, maintenance and repairs of these flexible home comfort options.

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