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Assured Comfort has been serving metro Atlanta with Wow Service since 2002, providing homeowners with heating and cooling solutions they can trust.

While the Georgia heating season may not be as long and harsh as the cooling season, there is no denying that keeping your home warm and comfortable during the cool months is a priority. Assured Comfort’s licensed and trained professionals provide customers with the right solution and service guaranteed to be on time, done right and priced right.

Our Comfort Consultants are skillfully trained to address situations such as hot or cold spots, poor air flow, failing systems, and energy efficiency. Whatever your heating need or concern, rest assured that you will be provided with the right solution for your home, family and budget.

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If you need a heating system installed before winter arrives, please give Assured Comfort Heating, Air, Plumbing a call at (770) 872-4168.

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We never charge you to provide you with a HVAC Replacement Estimate. Our Comfort Consultants are passionate about providing our customers with Wow service and the right solutions. They are fully equipped to evaluate your home and current system and provide you with a competitively priced estimate. Contact us today and schedule your Free In Home Estimate with Price Lock Guarantee.

I called them and they were so fast at coming and servicing my house. Dan Pelletier was my service guy. He was so nice and so patient. He was also so professional. He had my plumbing fixed in no time.

Bayi A.

5 Reasons to Choose

Assured Comfort


You’ll get the heating system that’s right for you.

Instead of trying to sell you on our most expensive product, our heating professionals take into consideration the size of your home, budget requirements, manufacturer warranties, and personal preferences in order to provide you with the heating system that’s best for you.


We promise you a professional installation.

Our team of skilled technicians are all NATE-certified and participate in regular training courses to stay current on the industry’s latest products, trends, and procedures.


We provide free, no-obligation estimates.

With Assured Comfort, we offer up-front pricing so you will never have a surprise on your bill. Before we begin working, you will have an exact quote of how much the job will cost. All estimates are obligation-free, leaving you with your purchasing freedom.


We offer flexible financing options.

Whether you want to pay for your new heating system up-front or over time, Assured Comfort offers a pricing plan that’s right for you. A variety of financing options are available with approved credit, and we will always help you take advantage of rebates you qualify for.


We provide excellent warranties.

For your peace of mind, our experts will go over manufacturer warranties for the different heating systems you’re considering. If you want to maximize the protection of your new purchase, we’ll also provide a warranty on our workmanship.

Emergency Service Available!

If you need a heating system installed before winter arrives, please give Assured Comfort Heating, Air, Plumbing a call at (770) 872-4168.

Top 4 Considerations When Replacing Heating Systems

As temperatures begin to drop, many people are looking to replace their old heating systems for newer, more efficient ones. If a heating system upgrade is on your agenda, here are four things to consider before making your purchase:

The type of heating system

The first thing to consider when looking for a new home heating system is the fuel type that it uses. In general, it’s most convenient to use the same fuel you’re currently using, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best option.

You can view a list of the most popular fuel sources and the benefits of each here. Your final choice will likely be contingent on the price and availability of each fuel source in your area, as this varies across the country.

The size of the heating system

After determining which type of heating system you want, you’ll need to determine what size is optimal for your home.

A heating system that’s too small will not adequately heat your home, whereas one that’s too large will result in fluctuating temperatures and wasted energy.

This process is more complicated than just figuring out the square footage of your home; factors such as climate, temperature preferences, and house layout must also be considered.

At Assured Comfort, our expert technicians will walk you through the entire process to help you select the heating system that’s right for you.

Energy efficiency ratings

Whether you’re trying to save the environment or just save some cash, energy efficiency is an important consideration when shopping for a new heating system.

This largely impacts the long-term cost of operation for your new unit, so it’s important to carefully research all of your options. 

The HVAC company that will do the installation

The contractor is equally as important as the heating system they install.

Even the most powerful heating system on the market will not perform well if it was poorly installed.

In one of our previous blog posts about choosing an HVAC contractor, we emphasized the importance of choosing a company with NATE-certified technicians.

At Assured Comfort, our specialists are all NATE-certified and provide up-front pricing guarantees.

If you need a heating system installed before winter arrives, please give Assured Comfort Heating, Air, Plumbing a call at (770) 872-4168.

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