Assured Comfort

Leak Detection

Drips and leaks often go unnoticed until a major catastrophe occurs which leaves your home and belongings soaked.  With Assured Comfort’s licensed expert plumbers, finding a leak is easy and preventing catastrophes is just another example of how we provide you with WOW service.

Signs of a Water a Leak:

  • you notice your water bill is elevated without any additional usage
  • water spots on ceilings, walls, or soft spots on floors
  • you smell mildew or an old water smell in areas of your home but don’t see signs of water
  • water flowing sounds in your walls
  • you notice new concrete slab cracks
  • water standing in your yard

You can test if your home has a leak by checking your water meter. Do not use any water for an hour and check the meter again. If the meter has increased in usage then you have a leak.

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Assured Comfort’s plumbing team can locate and repair even the smallest of leaks and guarantee WOW service. You will be overly satisfied with our plumbing team’s 5 star services and leak detection experience.

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