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Water Service Line

Has your home sprung a leak?

You may need water line replacement.

Assured Comfort's Plumbing service team in Atlanta can help diagnose the issue and provide expert water line replacement.

What is a Water Service Line?

A water service line is a line that needs to be put in a house or in a building in order for it to have water.

This line is tapped in the water main where water is sourced into that specific area and directly to your home.

It’s a pretty simple definition but connecting a water service line is a challenging and messy job. This is the reason why repairing the system doesn't just require any plumber, the Atlanta plumber should be an expert with line connections.

Repairing or replacing a water service line is not an easy job, depending on your situation and the amount of damage that was done, it may take a while to provide a solutions

So let's dig in to learn more about Water Service Lines.

What To Know About Water Service Lines

Service lines are always bored deep: Your line can either be 2-4 feet below the surface, the reason for this is because the lines are prone to be moved if it’s close to the surface or if buried lightly. It needs to be deep in order to have consistency on the flow of water without any possible movements that will dislodge it.

It’s a very secure position that the only time that its integrity will be affected in any way is when a ground tremor would occur.

Repairing your line is not just about finding the problem in your home. It also means expert plumbers will have to check the tapped lines for the problem. It also means that they will have to dig until they find the leak and assess it on what the next course would be.

Service lines aren’t always replaced:  To save money, our plumbers may cover the leak, if the line was dislodged, they may need to just plug it in again. If the leak is small and it can be covered, they will. But if the leak is too great, they may need to remove the line and replace it.

The bigger the job, the longer it will take to complete and the longer your water will be shut off.

Why is it underground: There are many reasons why plumbers dig below the ground, aside from keeping your tapped line safe and secured.

It’s also about not interfering with traffic, for your line not to get dislodged or broken by any random happenings like getting run over, getting cut by the gardener, or even be sabotaged.

Other information you should know about water service lines:

  • Older homes built before 1980 typically have pipes made of galvanized steel or cast iron. Unfortunately, these metals are more prone to rust and corrosion, therefore creating leaks at joints or in the pipe stem itself.
  • Most types of basic homeowner’s insurance do not cover the cost of a broken water service line, nor is this the responsibility of the city.
  • Most water line breakage is caused by tree root penetration, settling of the earth, corrosion, clogging due to buildup from hard water, and fundamental deterioration due to age.

Why is it Important to Get it Checked by a Professional and What to Expect

Always get your line checked: If you move into your new home and it’s not brand new, you need to consider the possibility of any possible problems.

Never believe the sales people that there is nothing to repair if there is indeed one. You can't really see it, especially since the pipes run underground.

So once you purchase the house, do some damage control and get it checked, it’s better thatyou get it sorted out while you're still in the process of moving, rather than you already moved and you experienced the inconvenience of getting a water line replacement.

Can you imagine not getting water even for a day?

Technicalities with diagnosing the repair: The technicalities with repair are pretty similar from job to job once the digging is done and the issue discovered. There will always be some factors that will cause delays in the repair, so please be patient while we fully assess the scope of the problem.

Never get cheap materials:  The last thing you want to have happen is a water line leak that was repaired but then creates issues again because of subquality materials.  This will cause more costly repairs in the coming years.

Our service team only chooses products that are very high quality, it pays to spend more in one instance than spend more on repairs in the coming years.

Getting a licensed plumber: The first thing that you need to remember when you get a plumber for any installation or repair is get ones that are licensed and skilled in the job you need to get performed.

As much as you may want a  neighbor to help you with your plumbing so you can save some money, if they aren’t licensed you can’t blame them if your plumbing falters. 

It’s expensive: Water service line repairs are costly, especially if the repair is an emergency, this means you need to get someone who is skilled at diagnosing the issue rapidly.

Do some initial inspection to help out: If you got a plumbing problem in general and not just a possible water line leak, it’s advisable that you do some initial checking before you call a plumber.

Sometimes while you're on the call, our team may need you to do something so they can better understand the situation.

An unprepared plumber means delayed work, and it’s not their fault. Because most of the time they will speculate on what is going on. 

Brace yourself for the repair: The issue with plumbing problems is that it will always cause an inconvenience. And depending on the gravity of the problem, you should prepare for it. Of course our plumbers will try their best to restore your water lines and plumbing in short order, but still, for major jobs like a major water service line repair, you should prepare.

Water Line Service

A water service line can be minimal or big issue depending on the situation, but one thing is certain since it’s your main line to water, if it has a problem, it's serious and it’s considered as an emergency.

If you think you have a water line break, call us immediately.

Our knowledgeable plumbers will examine the site to diagnose the problem and propose a cost-effective and timely solution. Sometimes only spot repairs need to be done to fix an individual leak. Other times, entire sections or re-routing may need to be performed.

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If you need a water service line repaired our plumbers come out to take a look at the job and get the issue fixed right the first time.

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