HVAC Repair Questions Answered

If you have never faced a HVAC breakdown situation, it can often be hard to know what to do to get your system back to working order. Finding the right trusted professional can also be a challenge in the technology world of today. Here are some of the more common questions that HVAC home professionals are asked and tips of the trade to get your system triaged and ready for repair. 

How can I troubleshoot my system and get it to a working order while I wait for a professional to come out to my home?

 -There are 3 main components to your system can cause a breakdown. The outdoor unit, indoor unit and thermostat. Check to make sure your outdoor unit is not blocked and free of debris. Check for ice on any connections on or around your unit. Next check the inside unit by evaluating your air filter. Check to see if there is any standing or leaking water near the unit. Check your thermostat to make sure that it is functioning properly. Lastly, check your breakers to make sure that they are in working order also. If you’re lucky, your system will be up and running with the change of thermostat batteries or the flip of a breaker. Otherwise, calling in the experts is key to a proper repair.

 My HVAC Professional recommended I replace my old system. Are there any other options?

-It can be a shock when your repair estimates cost in the high hundreds or if the recommendation is to install a new system. While repairs may often be the cheaper choice, you may want to discuss with your HVAC professional the cost benefits of changing to newer technology and a higher efficient system. Especially if your system is 10 years or older. With many financing options, rebates and the cost savings on utility bills, you may be surprised how affordable a new efficient system can be, let alone add to your comfort.  Don’t forget a new HVAC system can also add value to your home and will be free of breakdowns or costs since it will come with a new warranty!  Disregard the sticker shock of a new system and enjoy the cleaner air, lower utility costs, peace of mind and comfort associated with a HVAC replacement.

 How do I choose the right HVAC Contractor?

-It’s always a great idea to do  a little research about the company that you will have in your home. Some things that you should consider:

  • What does the company stand for?
  • Can you trust them and does your community trust them?
  • Do they come highly recommended?
  • Are they a locally owned and operated company or are they owned by an out of state/country firm that does not value?
  • Is the company licensed, bonded, insured and provides regular training to its’ teams?
  • Do they service your area?
  • Review the company guarantees. Are you protected?

Venturing into the unknown waters of HVAC repair and replacement can be scary. Don’t worry yourself. By finding a trusted team, like the specialists at Assured Comfort Heating , Air & Plumbing, your breakdown nightmares can turn into a win. With new functioning equipment, worry free guarantees, trusted recommendations, and a company owner that lives and gives in this community, you will be a happy homeowner enjoying the cool!

 Contact the Assured Comfort experts today at (770) 464-5745 or schedule online now and receive an additional 10% discount.

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