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10 Simple Tips to Remove Excess Humidity From My Home

April 26, 2018

Everyone wants the sunshine and warmth of summer, but no one wants the humidity that accompanies it.

That is understandable because high humidity is likely to cause any of the following:

  • Excessive perspiration
  • Frizzy hair
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Mold/mildew grows faster

These are aspects of high humidity that no one wants to deal with any time of the year, especially during the nicest season. [...]

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Will My Air Conditioning Unit Help Remove Humidity in My Home?

April 17, 2018

Once those winter and spring months finally pass, everyone is ready to dive right into summer.

It's the time to pull your shorts, t-shirts, and bathing suits out from the back of your closet and prepare for that perfect summer tan. Unfortunately, that warm and comfortable "dry heat" we all imagine when we think of summer isn't always the case.

Some regions experience those high humidity levels [...]

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My Basement Flooded, Now What?

March 26, 2018

 Going down the stairs to find out your basement is full of water is never a good feeling. Most people store their family heirlooms, decorations, extra stuff in their basement because they want to keep everything safe, so it is so devastating to have those things ruined.

Some basements are finished as family rooms, man caves or kid’s playroom with a lot of items that just cannot be used [...]

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10 Questions to Ask Before Installing a New Hot Water Heater

March 09, 2018

Investing in a new hot water heater for your home or business is a big expense and we want to help you be informed before making this large financial decision. 

Therefore, the plumbers at Assured Comfort have created a comprehensive list of the ten questions you must ask your plumbing company before purchasing and having your new water heater installed in your home. 

The ten questions below [...]

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Why is My Home so Drafty?

February 15, 2018
If yes was your answer to all three of these questions, then let's take a closer look at where this draft air is coming from. 

The air creeping in your home typically comes from around the windows, doors, electrical outlets, recessed lights, and the attic.

It is a problem that not only lets the cold air come in but it allows the warm air to escape.

This situation of warm air escaping from [...]

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Beginners Guide To Troubleshooting Your Broken Furnace

February 02, 2018

Once the cool temperature starts to set in during the late and early months of the year, it is crucial to have a comfortable house to return home to.

A warm, pleasant home is imperative to overall peace of mind.

So what should you do when your (significantly expensive) furnace begins to dysfunction?

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Four Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills This Winter

January 31, 2018

No matter what heat source you use it is likely to increase your electric bill. Most people have natural gas, but there is typically an electric blower moving the warm air through air ducts, which works longer and harder when the air drops to help maintain the desired home temperature.

The blower then increases your electric bill.

You can’t just turn it off because then your home will be cold, [...]

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Why Is My Water Heater Leaking? - Learn 4 Common Causes

January 19, 2018

Most people know that when their water heater is leaking, it means bad news.

This minor nuisance can turn into a significant problem before you know it, so it is something that should be handled quickly and professionally.

A small trickle of water can be easily cleaned up with minimal damage to your floors. However, this small trickle will soon turn into a flood that will cause damage to [...]

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3 Simple Tips To Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean

January 16, 2018

Having a dryer that can’t dry your clothes is a frustrating scenario.

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8 Little Known DIY Tips on How to Better Insulate Your Home

January 08, 2018

Many homeowners have trouble properly insulating their home, and when winter rolls around, their energy bills skyrocket.

If this sounds like you, 

there are some simple DIY fixes to keeping the heat in and the brisk air our this winter season. 

Below is a list of 8 tips for adding some additional layers of insulation to your home and preventing the relentless rise of energy bills this holiday [...]

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