10 Items to Never Flush Down the Toilet-

Clogs… the dreaded clogs. You flush the toilet and the water slowly rises to the brim. You panic, hoping the water stays below the rim of the toilet bowl… but no luck. You 10 Items to Never Flush Down the Toilet-grab the plunger and start pumping while water splashes all over your freshly cleaned bathroom. This sounds like a nightmare, but so often is the case.

Our plumbing team has pulled many things from toilet drains. From toys and dolls, to goldfish and cat litter. Here is a list of “Never Flush” items to keep out of your toilet drain.

Remember it’s a toilet… not a trash can!

  1. Baby Wipes/ Sanitary Wipes- these two wipes make clean up and cleanliness more convenient, but they are made of materials that are thicker and harder to decompose. Take a baby wipe and put it into water for a day. It’s still intact.  If you did the same with toilet paper, the paper would be dissolved with a little agitation of the water.

  2. Cat Litter / Pine Chip Shavings – Cleaning up after pets can be a hassle. It seems much more convenient to flush the stinky unmentionables from your pet. However, Cat litter is meant to clump when wet. This is just a bad combination for your drain.
  3. Menstrual Products / Diapers– Any product that is meant to expand with liquids is a ‘no no’  for your toilet bowl. No question about it.
  4. Cigarette Butts- the fibrous material which expands in water is not a good combination for a toilet bowl. Toss the butts into the garbage, not the toilet.
  5. Grease & Food -Grease is never meant to be flushed and food, while over time may decompose, can also cause clogs. Hot grease, when cooled, solidifies and can line the smooth interior of the pipes creating clog traps.
  6. Hair / Floss -  Anything that is stringy can get stuck and wreak havoc on your plumbing system.  Dental floss floats and does not dissolve, wrapping itself easily around any bulky items flushed down the toilet drain.
  7. Paper Towels /Tissue Paper While these two paper goods seem innocent enough, in reality they are not intended for the toilet drain or septic. They just don’t break down as easily as drain friendly toilet paper.
  8. Cotton Balls/ Yarn / Cotton Swabswhile you think that cotton may be easily broken down…the items above are not. Especially with yarn and cotton swabs, these two can easily get wrapped around other flushables and create a clog.
  9. Band Aids/ Bandages– Need we say more? They belong in the trash can.
  10. Condoms – They don’t decompose and can get caught inside the drain pipe. Wrap them in toilet paper and toss in the can and not the toilet.

We’ll spare you the gory details of what clogs look like and what we have found globbed together restricting water flow. Just remember that clogs can cause water damage in your home. It is always best to use your toilet for waste only and keep the trash in the can.  To help you with your leaks and clogs, you can always count on Assured Comfort’s licensed and trained plumbing team. With a $39 service call fee, it is always affordable to hire the pro’s to diagnose your plumbing woes.

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