Heating and Cooling Trends that will Save you Money in 2018

The HVAC industry has been working hard to develop new functions, features, and systems that are designed to improve your indoor comfort while cutting energy expenses to a minimum.

The world has seen many technological advances over the last few years, and just as high-tech gadgets and the latest innovations continuously improve our lives, new HVAC technologies could change the way we heat and cool our homes and businesses. 

Heating and Cooling Systems use a lot of energy in residential and commercial properties. By improving HVAC operations and the efficiency of the systems, residents of Atlanta, Georgia, and commercial property owners could see significant savings in 2018. 

Whether you are building a new home or looking to replace an old heating or cooling unit, investing in a new HVAC installation will give you the opportunity to take advantage of some of the latest technological advancements in the Heating and Cooling Industry. 

In this article, we are going to share, 

9 Heating and Cooling Trends that Can Save You Money in 2018

Air Conditioning that is Motion Activated 

This modern technological design utilizes sensors along aluminum rods hung from the ceiling that is motion activated. In other words, the air conditioner will only kick on when there are people present. 

Having a movement activated HVAC system will be more compact and portable, helping to reduce both energy and utility costs. 

Air Conditioning that is Ice-Powered 

An ice-powered air conditioning unit essentially works by freezing water in a tank overnight. Peak hours for electrical energy demand is during the night, so the ice can help to cool the home or building the next day. 

Air conditioning systems are constantly being tweaked for improvement. The ice-powered air conditioner can provide enough cooling air during the peak demand hours of electricity during the day. 

Thermally Driven Air Conditioning 

Thermally driven air conditioning has not become a widespread technology yet. However, it will likely take off within the next few years. 

Thermally Driven Air Conditioning systems use solar energy and are supplemented by natural gas. This makes it a highly efficient and effective air condition system and provides more cooling capabilities than any other system. With this system, electricity costs are eliminated. 

Heating Trends that Could Save You Money 

Dual Fuel Heat Pumps 

Heat pumps tend to be the most efficient and provide the maximum amount of comfort when they use a combination of fuel. The dual fuel heat pump is a combination of an electric heat pump and a gas furnace. 

When the temperatures are low, the pump will draw on the gas heat to maximize efficiency. When the temperature rises above 35 degrees, the electricity will take over. 

Although the initial cost of the dual fuel heat pump is more than a conventional system, the amount of money you could save over the next several years will more than make-up for the additional up-front costs. 

Geothermal Heat Pumps 

Geothermal heat pumps get their energy directly from the earth through an underground looped pipe that absorbs heat and brings it into the home. 

Geothermal heat pumps are also able to provide free hot water. So although it is a major investment up-front to have installed, it will help you save a considerable amount money over time. 

Floor Heating 

When electric wires or loops of pipes that circulate warm liquid beneath the flooring in your home is installed, you will experience warmth from the ground up. Instead of hot air heating your home, a floor heating system will generate radiant heat which will eliminate swings in temperature. 

Depending on the level of insulation you have in your home, floor heating systems can increase energy efficiency 30% more than a regular heating system. 

Ductless HVAC Systems 

The majority of HVAC systems supply conditioned air through a hidden maze of ductwork. However, there are ductless systems that use point-of-use air handlers that deliver conditioned air directly into individual rooms or areas of the home. 

Ductless systems typically run with 40% more efficient than central heating and cooling systems and the installations are simple and non-intrusive.

Fully Automated Homes 

Many people are making the move to own a "smart home", as if that is not convenient enough, fully automated homes are slowly becoming the next reality. There are already automated appliances and products on the market, the new wave of technological advancements are automated HVAC systems. 

HVAC systems are becoming directly tied into other systems in homes, which makes adjustments according to the status of the rest of your home.

This means if you have left for the day and forgot to turn off your heating or cooling system, you can make a quick adjustment from your smartphone. 

If you want to learn more about home automation, click this link.

Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems 

Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems connect an outside condensing unit to various fan coils throughout the home. Each coil and evaporator in the system can be controlled individually to reduce waste from overallocated resources. 

Variable refrigerant flow systems will not only be more efficient for your home, but they will also stimulate job growth and overall economic development within the coming years. 

Additional High-Tech Features that Will Save You Money 

1. Scroll Compressors: Instead of conventional piston-driven compressors, many air conditioning units and heat pumps will now feature scroll compressors that will pressurize the refrigerant faster and use less energy. Scroll compressors last longer and operate more quietly as well. 

2. Variable-Speed Motors: These motors automatically adjust the airflow according to your home comfort needs. They will blow air more slowly when heating and cooling demands are low. This will result in an even delivery of air and will reduce temperature swings in the home. These systems also use less energy, saving you money on energy costs. 

3. Dual Heat Exchangers: With dual heat exchangers the second will condense the water vapor in the exhaust gases to capture additional heat. This will allow them to use less fuel without compromising your home comfort needs. 

4. Smart Control Sensors: Advanced HVAC equipment provides temperature, airflow in a room, and humidity level to be monitored. You can also be notified when a heating or cooling repair or maintenance is needed. Some of the systems have Wi-Fi, so you can adjust or even program the settings from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

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