Going The Extra Mile

What does great service look like? Well we have some great examples, especially during these crazy times.


We always like to call our customers when we’re on our way. Well, one time during Thanksgiving our technician asked a simple question. “Can I do anything else for you?” The customer had a quick wit and said, “Yeah, how about a key lime pie.” Our technician didn’t even think twice. He stopped off at the grocery store. When he arrived at the door, the customer was presented his dessert. Now, during the outbreak, we’re taking a page from that book and offering to bring groceries or prescription to homes, on a case-by-case basis.


When the AC went out for one of our Austell, GA clients we hurried out to help. We found out that we were the second company to come out. The customer had hired a different company that took their money and put a band-aid on it. So we were back to square one. Our knowledgeable technicians, immediately diagnosed the real problem and got to work at a fair price. Not only did we fix their issue, they also became an Assured Comfort Continuous Care Club maintenance member so they will never be put in that original predicament again.


When a customer absolutely, positively needs their HVAC now, we are there. One of our Assured Comfort Continuous Care Club maintenance members had us come out for a normal AC check. We came out and discovered repairs needed to be done and parts ordered. FedEx said it would take a few days to get the parts, but that wasn’t good enough for our tech. He ran out and met the truck and got all the parts himself. They had their system up and running in no time.

We’d love to keep your systems up and running. Call us or go online to schedule your next maintenance visit.

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